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Pet Blood Donation Program posted - 17/Mar/2017

You don’t have to be a vet to save pet’s lives. Register your pet as a potential blood donor.

Did you know that one blood donation from a pet can save up to three pet’s lives?

The process is quick and simple

  • Simply read our blood donation brochure to determine if your pet is suitable
  • Our vets will perform a complimentary physical health inspection, blood test and heartworm test to ensure they’re in tip-top shape
  • The donation procedure is quick and simple, with minimal discomfort to your pet
  • Our blood donor heroes will be rewarded with a free bag of Royal Canin food, donor ID tag and bandana and lots of treats and special care to thank them for their bravery

Please click here for more information about whether your pet may be a suitable candidate to donate blood.

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