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Unfortunately, pets can run away for a number of reasons, so it’s important that you take every step to ensure they are safe. You can start this process by ensuring that they’re fitted with an up to date collar, tag and ID.

It is a requirement of the Townsville City Council that all dogs must be registered each year and carry an identification disc and cats require an approval that is renewed each year. Registration is renewed by 31st July each year and discounts are offered to owners who register their dog in June and July. Discounts are also offered to pensioners and owners of desexed dogs. For the latest information regarding these processes, please visit their website here.

Even if your pet does wear a collar, tag and ID, there is always a risk that they will become damaged, unreadable or break away. A microchip is a simple and quick process to ensure your pet can be identified and returned home safely.

What is a microchip?

  • A microchip procedure involves a needle that inserts a tiny chip under your pet’s skin, usually located between their shoulder blades. While this is commonly performed on cats and dogs, a number of other animals can receive them too such as birds and horses.

How long does the procedure take?

  • Inserting a microchip takes only a few seconds and there is generally no anaesthetic required beforehand.

Does this hurt my pet?

  • A microchip procedure is very similar to vaccinations – it may cause temporary discomfort, but after some treats and TLC, they will be feeling better before you know it.

What happens when a pet is handed into our clinic?

  • Each microchip has a unique number which is logged at a national database. If lost animals are presented to our clinic, we will always use our handheld scanner to identify their number. This will correspond to the pet’s owners and their details. This is why it is imperative that your details are always up to date.

JCU Vet strongly recommends getting your pets microchipped… This simple, quick and cost-effective solution is the best way to ensure your best mate is safe.