In case of an emergency please call 1300 JCU VET (528 838)

General Vet Services

Exotic Animals and Pocket Pets

Supporting our furry, feathered, fuzzy and scaly friends!

JCU Vet not only provides a range of range of veterinary services to dogs and cats, but also less common pets such as birds, guinea pigs, rats, snakes, turtle and lizards. These pets have specific health requirements that differ to those of more traditional domestic pets and our team are thrilled to treat these unique creatures.

All animals benefit from regular wellness exams and our team can assist you with:

  • Providing recommendations around nutrition.
  • Information and training about specific healthcare requirements.
  • Husbandry advice to ensure they are as healthy and happy as possible.

In addition to this, we work closely with the Billabong Sanctuary Australian Wildlife Experience where we have seen beautiful wildlife being rehabilitated.

We are proud to align ourselves with the Billabong Sanctuary, who contribute to the conservation of the environment and helping wildlife in our community. The park is home to successful breeding colonies of koalas, crocodiles, eclectus parrots, squirrel gliders, kangaroos, red-tailed black cockatoos and heaps of lizards and snakes.