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There’s more to dental health than smelly breaths…

Here at JCU Vet, we’re passionate about ensuring every pet has healthy teeth and gums. This will not only reduce the risk of dental disease but a range of other health problems.

During your consultation, our vets will evaluate the overall health of your pet’s teeth, gums and mouth, to ensure they have an effective dental maintenance program including:

  • Optimum nutrition, according to their age, breed, exercise and life stage. There is also premium dental food available, which is specially formulated to remove plaque and tarter from the teeth.
  • Chews/treats encourage chewing and scraping along the teeth and gums, to help clean away plaque and reduce the effects of dental disease.
  • Regular brushing is just as important for our pets, as it is for us. If your pets feel safe and comfortable with brushing, ask our vets for more information about the best pet toothpaste/brushes.

Remember to look out for any symptoms that may include loose teeth, discomfort from your pet (i.e. pawing at their mouth/pulling their mouth away), redness/discolouration of the gum, discoloured teeth, or a loss of appetite.

In some cases, your pet may need dental treatments ranging from extractions to surgical procedures. A dental scale and polish procedure is a common treatment, designed to remove plaque and tartar deposits that have built up on your pet’s teeth over time. However, this procedure does require anaesthetic, so your vet will be able to explain the process in greater detail.

A smelly pet breath is not normal, so chat to our team to ensure your furry friend has a happy and healthy smile!