In case of an emergency please call 1300 JCU VET (528 838)


What to expect from us

Performing a triage assessment

We have experienced and compassionate veterinarians and nurses on-site, who are dedicated to providing premium emergency and critical care services. Our hospital is equipped with a comprehensive range of facilities to provide the best care possible.

We appreciate your patience whilst we attend to patients with immediate life-threatening problems. In the event of a delay, one of our experienced Veterinary Nurses will perform a triage assessment to ensure there will be no risk to your pet.

A pet triage assessment is conducted in order to place your pet into one of the following categories:

  • Emergency signs requiring immediate treatment
  • Priority signs, who will be given attention as soon as possible
  • Non-urgent signs, where patients are stable and may be required to queue

This is an extremely important process to assess the speed with which pets need medical attention and to ensure that we provide the best care to each individual patient.

Once your pet's condition has been stabilised, they may be hospitalised with us until your regular veterinary clinic is open. Alternatively, if your pet’s condition has improved, they will be able to return home with you and you will be asked to visit your regular Veterinarian for a follow-up appointment.