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About JCU Vet

Our Teaching Hospital

Townsville’s next generation of leading veterinarians!

As the teaching hospital for the James Cook University School of Veterinary and Biomedical Science, we provide clinical training for final year veterinary students who you may see working under the supervision of our qualified clinicians.

Our teaching hospital features some of the most advanced veterinary equipment and facilities. This is the perfect environment for talented veterinary professionals to learn about providing the highest standards of treatment and care.

Will students treat my pet?

Any treatments from students will be performed under the direct supervision of our professional and experienced clinicians. Because we’re committed to educating future veterinarians, we need to be skilled in the latest and most advanced techniques and highest standards of care.

The building features a number of modern teaching facilities such as seminar spaces, operating theatres and office/study rooms. Our teaching hospital encourages students to use their practical skills by assisting our qualified clinicians.

There are lots of great benefits to supporting our teaching hospital:

  • Our hospital teaches a wide range of veterinary services, including anaesthesia, dentistry, dermatology, internal medicine and surgery.
  • Our students and teachers are exposed to a wide range of case studies, available from the university database.
  • We have a team approach to the treatment of your pet, ensuring that the highest standards are being applied.
  • Your pet will receive the most innovative diagnostic and treatment plans.