In case of an emergency please call 1300 JCU VET (528 838)

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Frequently Asked Questions


What to do during a pet emergency

When faced with a veterinary emergency, we recommend that you contact your regular vet immediately. They will have the complete medical history of your pet and can suggest a suitable treatment plan. If you call your vet after-hours, their voicemail will include specific instructions for emergency situations and often note the closest critical care team.

If you are uncertain about your pet’s health condition, please feel free to call our after-hours team on 1300 JCU VET (528 838). We can provide advice and guidance on what to do next.

In addition to regular GP hours, we are open for emergencies during the following times:

  • Friday: 5.30pm – 8.00am
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Open 24 hours
  • Monday - Tuesday: 5:30pm – 8:00am
  • Closed: Wednesday and Thursday nights

*Please be aware that patients are seen in order of urgency, as opposed to their order of arrival. There may be a slight wait before a Veterinarian is available to see your pet.


Performing a triage assessment

We appreciate your patience whilst we attend to patients with immediate life-threatening problems. In the event of a delay, one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses will perform a triage assessment to ensure there will be no risk to your pet from the delay.

A pet triage assessment is conducted in order to place your pet into one of the following categories:

  • Emergency signs requiring immediate treatment
  • Priority signs, who will be given attention as soon as possible
  • Non-urgent signs, where patients are stable and may be required to queue

This is an extremely important process to assess the speed with which pets need medical attention and to ensure that we provide the best care to each individual patient.

Once your pet's condition has been stabilised, they may be hospitalised with us until your regular veterinary clinic is open. Alternatively, if your pet’s condition has improved, they will be able to return home with you and you will be asked to visit your regular Veterinarian for a follow-up appointment.



Similar to a human emergency room or trauma hospital, modern veterinary emergency and specialty centres require more extensive equipment than found in a typical practice. JCU Vet is staffed with qualified veterinarians and experienced nurses, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

JCU Vet features dedicated teams of qualified veterinary staff who work around-the-clock to provide the highest level of service possible. They’re fully qualified and experienced in urgent critical care, so are particularly skilled at dealing with accidents and emergencies. JCU Vet teams need to be available at any time of the day or night to care for animals in any situation.

As a result, the overheads in operating an emergency/specialty hospital are greater than for a normal veterinary clinic. Our pricing is driven by sustainability so that we can continue to offer pet owners the same high quality out of hours veterinary care, as they'd expect during the day.


Pet Insurance

Although it’s not nice to consider your pet becoming ill or requiring emergency treatment, it’s important for all pet owners to be prepared.

Pet insurance policies provide many different cover options for veterinary care and treatments, therefore we ask you to settle the bill first and to claim back at a later stage. Your pet’s health and wellbeing is our number one priority and our staff will work hard to find an appropriate payment plan for your needs.

Advances in veterinary medicine have resulted in much longer lives for cats and dogs. Pets now receive ultrasounds and x-rays, diagnostics and laboratory tests, arthritis treatments, major surgery, and even cancer treatment – just like humans.

We highly recommend taking out a comprehensive pet insurance policy to provide you with the security to know that your pet will receive quality care and treatment when you need it most.


Booking JCU Vet referral services

JCU Vet provides a referral service to other vets in order to assist with complex cases using our latest diagnostic testing and specialised equipment.

In order to make a referral appointment, you must first get in touch with your regular vet. They will provide us with background information concerning your pet and suspected problem/s so that we will be sure to make an appointment that is appropriate to your pet's needs.

We will always report back to your regular local vet and keep you both fully informed and up to date.

Click here to access the JCU Vet referral form.